Coach Response Semen Padang about the defeat of Mitra Kukar

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Coach Response Semen Padang about the defeat of Mitra Kukar

Semen Padang failed to get away from Perseru who are in the relegation zone after losing Mitra Kukar with a score of 1-2 in advanced League 1 match at Stadium H Agus Salim Padang on Thursday (19/10/2017).

Wicket Semen Padang successfully broken into Marclei Cesar Chaves in the 36th minute and 44th. The goal replies Semen Padang created by Tambun Naibaho in the 56th minute.

Currently, Semen Padang only collects 29 points from 30 matches, while Perseru collects 28 points from 30 matches and is ranked 16th.

Coach while Semen Padang, Delvi Adri, assess the defeat of this foster children because the principle of the game players less run well.

“When you get the ball, the players have to move away to open the space, when you have the ball, the players have to approach the comrades, not fixate so that the player who holds the ball can split the ball, but in that match it did not happen, said Delvi Adri, Thursday (19/10/2017).

In addition, the game this time, Semen Padang minimal creations so that Mitra Kukar players easily read the game Semen Padang.

“Two goals that occurred in the first half was because players lose focus,” he said.

Despite achieving one goal, Delvi assess foster children is too late to rise up and overcome the backwardness.

Beyond that, Delvi appreciates his players who have struggled until the League 30 this week.

“I thank the players, they have played as much as possible in this game,” he said.

Madura United, Sriwijaya FC Carries Heavy Burden

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Madura United, Sriwijaya FC Carries Heavy Burden

Sriwijaya FC carrying heavy loads when entertained Madura United in advanced Liga 1 Indonesia, Friday (22/09/2017). In the match that will be held at Gelora Bangkalan Stadium, Laskar Wong Kito is required to win.

The reason, Hartono Ruslan’s team always suffered defeat in the last three games. Practically, this is their chance to improve the position that is currently stuck in the 12th rank.

Of the 24 games, Hilton Moriera and his new friends collected 28 points. The number of points they are six points from Perseru Serui, who are in the 16th position, the deadline of the relegation zone.

However, the coach was reluctant to give up. He believes foster children can still rise as the recovery of some names on the back line. “We are indeed down but I am very confident the team can still rise,” he said.

The performance of Sriwijaya FC’s defense has been increasingly showing progress. One of them with the recovery of Bio Pauline who had suffered a long injury.

In fact, naturalized players that can be played full time when Sriwjaya FC host PSM Makasar, last week. Only, the performance of Cameroon players need to be improved because it has not played regularly.

“We still need a process to finalize because of previous games are often careless so the team lost,” he said.

Changes in Defense

Hartono even mengindikasin any changes in defense. Of course, this effort is expected to increase the performance of Bio Pauline and friends.

“Facing Madura United most likely we will dismantle again,” Hartono asserted. “We need a defender figure who can keep the depth.”