Makalele Pleased Equal with Real Madrid Midfielder

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Makalele Pleased Equal with Real Madrid Midfielder

Claude Makalele has triumphed with Real Madrid. The French anchor midfielder became the life of the Real Madrid game in midfield from 2000 to 2003.

Together with Real Madrid, Makalele once won a Champions League trophy and two La Liga titles. Thus, many regretted his departure to Chelsea in 2003.

Real Madrid also seemed to make an impression with Makalele, although only defended for three seasons. He is quite happy because there is currently a Madrid player whose game is similar to him. Who is he?

The player in question is none other than Casemiro. Madrid’s anchor midfielder has a vital role in the midfield of Los Blancos at this time. He seemed to be a favorite player Zinedine Zidane.

“Yeah right, he reminds me of myself, many say I just run around, but technically you also have to know where and what to do,” he said as quoted Marca.

“Casemiro is very clever and always in the right position He can also score goals, something I rarely do.”

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