Neville Comment on Mourinho Style of Style

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Neville Comment on Mourinho Style of Style

Gary Neville recently gave defense to Jose Mourinho by saying the manager has not got the respect he deserves from most people.

The reason, lately Mourinho often criticized following Manchester United’s defensive style of playing. But Mou reluctant to give an official statement and prefer silence after bringing his troops won 1-0 away from Tottenham Hotspur last weekend.

And Mourinho himself mentions if people talk too much and he asks some of them to relax a bit.

Neville also understood the manager’s frustration by revealing: “There are two reasons people pay attention to this issue. First is history, Sir Matt Busby, Sir Alex Ferguson in the past has publicly declared the playing style that the club has done.

“What should be done is playing attacking football, entertaining football. It makes Mourinho in a bit of a problem with perception, and he feels he does not get the respect he deserves. “

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