Petr Cech Wants Arsenal Shown Consistently

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Petr Cech Wants Arsenal Shown Consistently

Arsenal’s main goalkeeper Petr Cech insists that the team can get good results both in home and away games in the next game

Because until the 13th week of Premier League competition, the Gunners appearance is still not consistent. Diman still often reap unpleasant results like in the game five games early last.

After successfully winning 4-3 cons Leicester City at Emirates stadium just as the away game each face Stoke City and Liverpool Liverpool also defeat London and return to act as host host Bournemouth Olivier Giroud 3-0 win which by no consistency team games make them at that time should be eliminated from the top.

However, after a 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur at home and a 1-0 win at Turf Moor counter Burnley the Czech Republic’s goalkeeper wants his team-mates to reap the perfect result and the former Chelsea believe it will maintain a positive trend until the end of the season and the top klaseme slipped in several games then the chances for the Premier League champions open.

“We said that we want to continue after the big win at home against Tottenham Hotspur and we have to support it again,” Petr Cech told the media.

“Regardless of Everton’s winning cons and good results at Chelsea, we have not got any results in the away game

“But we got a big win here and now hopefully we have changed the angle of the game in the game away. We need to continue with our cage form and if we can get points too, then we will continue to advance to the top of the table.

“We just show that when we play at the top of our game, we are solid, organized and can follow the plan and if we do, we can win any game.”

While in the next game when host Huddersfield Town on Thursday morning, Mesut Ozil a great opportunity will pull over because it is still experiencing pain.

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