Earn money with your own blog

Earn money with your own blog

Blogging is a profession that is ridiculed by many and rarely taken seriously. The business with one’s own blog can generate not only a good side income but also a profitable main income. This is how it works.

The career transformation through online business

We are in the golden age of the web 3.0: Everyone is highly connected, databases and clouds are always accessible and web technologies are smart. The virtual space offers more opportunities than ever. There are many ways to make money on the Internet, and the options are growing all the time. An example: just a few years ago it was unthinkable as the activities of an influencer full-time to pursue. But many of the hobbies of the time have developed into rewarding professions. – Like that of the blogger. Who runs his blog purposefully, can make a living with the profit. Successful online marketing strategies can help.

The be-all and end-all: optimizing the conversion rate

Conversion rate (CVR) is an essential building block in online marketing. It describes the ratio of the number of website visitors to the number of goals achieved. In the case of an online store, this can be, for example, a completed purchase. The first step to an optimized conversion rate is therefore simple: attract visitors. The principle is: only those who discover the online store can buy there. With a blog, the same is true, as an increased click-through rate increases visibility in the long term. To be better found on the web, the blog can be linked to other websites. Many agencies have specialized in successful link building by buying backlinks and placing them wisely. But they can also be built in manually and via contacts. The good thing is: once your own web presence is established, soon other websites will pay to be linked to on the managed blog. A fixed source of income is thus secured.

Linkbuilding | Image: ivke32, pixabay.com, Pixabay License

Direct marketing via banner ads

Advertising banners are the advertising pillars of the Internet. Space can easily be created on the blog for advertising other websites or providers. The actual revenue is based on the number of visitors and the number of those who click on the ads. The size and duration of the ad also determine the value. With many placements, ad revenue can be up to well over half of monthly earnings. A software for professional banner creation facilitates the embedding of advertising elements.

Always active and up-to-date with captivating events

Events can take place not only in front of the door, but also in virtual space. A rousing blog event picks up not only regular customers but also new visitors and interested parties. When planning, however, you should make sure that the event fits the concept of the blog. Only a coherent appearance creates trust and serves to present your own brand. A food blogger can set up a food-related event, while a literary blogger can set up a social reading event.

Call for donations

Regular visitors come back for one reason: they like the content of the blog. Many are therefore often willing to support their favorite blogger with amounts of money. Collecting donations is therefore a source of income that should not be underestimated. The donation option can be incorporated with appropriate donation plugins on the blog.