This is what lottery numbers sound like.

This is what lottery numbers sound like.

Playing the lottery is exciting every time again. If you have finally won something? Or do you have to keep dreaming of the big win? These are the questions millions of lottery players in Germany ask themselves every week when the lottery numbers are drawn.

For the person who wins the big prize, the drawing, the shuffling of the balls in the drum and the sound of the individual balls falling into the dispenser will sound like really good music that will be remembered for a lifetime.

The musician Volker Bertelmann alias Hauschka from Düsseldorf tried to recreate the drawing of the lottery numbers in a recorder session on a piano. With “Ping Pong” he makes the balls dance.

Of course, this is not meant quite seriously, the drawing of the lottery numbers, and Hauschka would certainly turn up his nose indignantly. But these table tennis balls look damn like lottery balls.

Hauschka, on the other hand, has real artistic ambitions when he uses objects such as balls, aluminum foil or leather to elicit completely new tones and tone sequences from the piano in this recording at the NPR studios. To really understand his music, however, must be a bit of a connoisseur of the scene and not just listen to Schlager a la Helene Fischer.