Chances of winning at slot machines – online vs. Casino

Winning chances with slot machines – Online vs. Gambling hall

Slots should primarily be used for entertainment. But of course we all want to win now and then. This principle applies to both online slot machines and slot machines in real casinos and gambling houses. In this article we will take a closer look at how it looks with the chances of winning in online casinos and arcades. Are there differences? And if so how big are these differences?

The payout ratio – A good indicator for evaluating chances of winning

The payout percentage is a very good indicator for evaluating the chances of winning individual slot machines. In English this payout ratio is called Return To Player or short RTP. The online portal https://slots has a detailed explanation of this published.

In a nutshell: The RTP value is a key figure that refers to that percentage value that the player recovers in the long term when playing a slot game.

Let’s take a look at it best by means of an example. Player A plays the slot Book of Ra which has a payout of 96%. Let us now assume that the player plays 100 rounds with a respective round bet of 1€. At the end of these 100 spins player A should have a balance of 96€. So on average, the player should lose €4 on this slot. These 4 euros resp. the 4% can therefore also be called the house advantage for the casino.

Online-Spielautomatem | Photo: tom69green,, CC0 Public Domain

Payout ratios in arcades and online casinos – the RTP makes the difference

Real casinos and gaming houses have to fight in comparison to online casinos generally with higher fixed costs. First of all, the investment costs for an arcade would have to be considered here. In order to purchase machines and other equipment, investments are necessary. In addition, a gaming arcade also incurs rents for the business premises. These can be quite high in large cities and in good locations. In addition, a gambling house must pay trained staff, who must be available during opening hours. An online casino on the other hand has to deal with much lower fixed costs. Mostly online casinos operate from countries with lower cost of living than in Germany. Therefore, rental prices for offices as well as personnel costs are much lower. In addition, lower investment costs are necessary to start a casino. The casino software can usually be purchased from software manufacturers such as Netent or Microgaming. Therefore, no high software development costs are necessary for the start of an online casino.

In order to cover the immense costs incurred in the operation of a “real” casino, a gambling house or casino must recoup the money from the customer, i.e. the player. This is usually done by programming slot machines in such a way that the house edge is higher than in an online casino. Conversely, this means that the payout ratios for slots in arcades are lower than in online casinos. On average, the payout ratios for slots in arcades and casinos are between 60% and 80%. Quite in contrast, these odds are over 90% at online casinos.

So you see that there are huge differences between the chances of winning in arcades and in online casinos.

Where can I find information about the payout ratio?

Online casinos and software providers such as Netent or Microgaming are very transparent with the payout ratio information. Usually, the payout odds of the respective slot game are stated in the game instructions of the game. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, you can usually google the RTP by simply entering the name of the slot and the term RTP into the search engine. Real casinos and gambling houses are unfortunately not so transparent with the payout percentage information. Usually, the payout ratio is not indicated for slot machines. The only way to find out the payout ratio is to inform yourself in advance on the Internet or to ask the employees.


In the online casino you are offered much higher payout odds than in arcades. Thus your chances of winning are also in online casinos in the long run seen substantially higher than in real casinos or in gaming arcades. The main reason for this is that the cost of running an arcade is higher than the cost of running an online casino. If you want to have longer something of your money with slot machines, you should fall back in any case on the slot offers in online casinos. Another advantage of online casinos is that you can usually test games in a demo mode with play money without risk. In addition, casinos on the Internet offer bonuses for new players, often there are also free freespins. Another advantage, which there is in a real casino respectively. which is not available in a gambling house.