The big lotto jackpot hunt These are the highest jackpots online!

Chasing the jackpot: Which are the biggest jackpots online?

If the lottery fever has really caught you, you will surely be on the hunt for the highest jackpots. Through the online lotto you have the opportunity to try also international lotteries and thus secure the best major prizes worldwide. Here we give you an overview of the highest jackpots online and the guaranteed minimum winnings. So you can find out at a glance about the respective winnings and immediately find the right lottery for you.

Overview of the highest jackpots

With the different lotteries you should not only be guided by the highest main winnings. The odds of winning are also relatively important, especially if the respective lotteries have not yet reached their maximum marks. An overview of the current lotto jackpots can be found on If you want to issue long-term lottery tickets that are valid for several weeks, you should also pay attention to the minimum jackpot. This is the main prize that is guaranteed to players even after the week of a big payout. Who wants to hit the jackpot but go home with a small win just because the timing is not right?

Lottery Minimum jackpot/
lowest winning amount
Highest jackpot Chance of winning
PowerBall ca. 35 million. Euro 1.46 billion. Euro 1 to 292 million.
MegaMillions ca. 13 million. Euro 656 million. Euro 1 to 259 Mio.
EuroMillions 17 million. Euro 190 million. Euro 1 to 140 million.
SuperEnalotto 1.3 million. Euro 178 million. Euro 1 to 623 million.
EuroJackpot 10 million. Euro 90 million. Euro 1 to 95 Mio.
Lotto 6 out of 49 12.8% of half the total stake (approx. 1 – 3 million estimates based on lotteries’ experience) 45,4 Mio. Euro 1 to 140 Mio.
Polish Lotto ca. 560.000 Euro 13,3 Mio. Euro 1 to 14 Mio.
Lotto 6 from 45 1 million. Euro 9.4 million. Euro 1 to 8 million.

It quickly becomes apparent that the less likely a jackpot win is, the higher the respective amounts can grow. Although the German lottery with the classic 6 out of 49 is not bad in comparison to other European lotteries in terms of chances and winnings, it will not be enough once you have caught the jackpot fever. A comparison of the basic facts shows that EuroJackpot has found a good middle ground in terms of winning chances and minimum jackpot. However, if you are under the spell of the main winnings, you should rather bet on the Italian lottery SuperEnalotto, the European EuroMillions or even the American lottery games MegaMillions or PowerBall.

American Powerball – here there is the most to bag!

If you take a look at an overview of the 5 highest lotto jackpot individual wins once, you will notice that the PowerBalls lottery made it to the first 4 places. The American MegaMillions is hardly represented, because here the winnings are often shared. Here is a brief overview:

Lottery Single amount Number of winners Date of the draw
Powerball 310 million. Euro 1 18. 5. 2013
Powerball 302 million. Euro 3 14. 1. 2023
Powerball 215.6 million. Euro 1 19. 2. 2014
Powerball 198,5 Mio. Euro 1 18. 9. 2014
EuroMillions 190 million. Euro 1 10. 8. 2022

Jackpot hunters find better lotteries than 6 out of 49

So if you are looking for the highest jackpots, you should take a closer look at the American lotteries. Very high winnings are possible here, due to the fact that the chance of winning is relatively small, there are usually only a few players who can enjoy the respective main prize, which increases the final buzz once again. If you do eventually win the jackpot, there are a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind to make sure you get something out of it in the long run. Not everything should be squandered, the fixed investment of a partial sum of the million winnings is generally always worthwhile!