An end to rip-offs

An end to rip-offs

Playing the lottery has become a lot more convenient than it used to be. The older lottery players will still remember it and some players do it even today so. In the past, you always had to remember to fill out your betting slip on time if you didn’t want to miss out on a draw and thus participation in a lucrative jackpot.
With this ticket you had to go to the next lottery office, join the queue, which was longer the higher the expected jackpot was, and then pay your participation in the game with cash as suitable as possible. It all costs time and unnecessary money for the necessary journey to the lottery kiosk. Not to mention the annoying search for a parking space.

The printed receipt, which one got in the Lotto store, one had to guard, like the apple of one’s eye, because only with this one could be paid out later one’s winnings. Whoever had the receipt was the rightful winner. Which dramas probably played themselves out, if such a receipt had found unnoticed the way into the washing machine and the possible million profit had dissolved thereby in the wahrsten sense of the word (in foam).

Online lotto is convenient

Fortunately this is a thing of the past. The clever Lotto player takes part today on-line in Lotto 6 from 49 and the other Lotterien. This is convenient and saves time and money. And you can no longer miss a win, because the winning notification comes automatically.

But also with the on-line Lotto one should keep the eyes open and compare the offerers exactly. Some lottery players are charged a so-called lottery ticket fee for administrative processes, such as the administration of winnings and other expenses. The costs for this sham fee vary depending upon offerer and Lotterie between 20 and proud 60 cent.

An end to rip-offs

Lottoland abolishes lottery ticket fee

The provider Lottoland now wants to put an end to this:

In the age of online lotteries, anyone who charges a special fee of up to 60 cents per ticket, also known as a ticket fee, is deceiving their players.

In order to achieve the abolition of the rip-off “tipping ticket fee”, Lottoland has submitted a petition to openPetition. Who is also of the opinion that this fee should be abolished, should support the petition with his signature.

Meanwhile, Lottoland is setting a good example and was the first lottery provider to permanently abolish the tipping fee for Lotto 6 out of 49 and EuroJackpot.