Everyone has a chance of luck

Everybody has a chance for luck

Honest work doesn’t make you rich, as the saying goes – and, as is usually the case, you’re probably right. It is possible to save up a financial cushion, but it is simply not possible to make big leaps and go over the top. And so the mega yacht, the world trip in first class or the sleek sports car remain a dream. And some people look enviously at the glossy magazines from “Gala” to “Grazia,” where movie and pop stars show us what life could be like.

Those who want to try their luck will find many opportunities online

Of course, you could now bury your head in the sand – or you could take your luck into your own hands. And for modern soldiers of fortune who don’t want to resign themselves to their fate, the Internet offers countless opportunities to increase their money. However, anyone who is interested in sports betting, lotteries, poker games, etc. should be careful & Co. If you play the lottery, you must be aware that you can easily lose your stake. But, to quote the popular saying once again: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

For example, you can place high stakes in online poker, but the question is whether that’s actually legal in Germany, where the gambling monopoly lies with the individual federal states. There was a lot to read about the unclear legal situation, among other things, in the online edition of the magazine “stern. Also that many gamblers switch to foreign providers who are located in countries where the laws are not as strict as in this country.

So-called online casinos, where you can bet your money on black or red or your own lucky number in roulette, hope for 21 in blackjack or show how good you are at bluffing in poker, are currently not permitted in Germany. Only Schleswig-Holstein took a special path here: at the end of 2022, a dozen licenses for Internet casinos were issued in the northernmost state of Germany.

So it’s good that there are at least lotteries that are absolutely permitted and desired by the state. For example, the NKL, where you can win money every day, but also an instant pension, exclusive sports cars or designer homes. And even a private island worth three million euros is on offer. Tickets can be purchased, for example, from the state lottery company Boesche (learn more here).

If you think you know your sports, you can put your money on sports betting: Soccer, basketball, motorcycle racing or darts tournaments – there’s almost nothing you can’t bet on. But beware: Many a person has overestimated his sports knowledge and put too much money on the – proverbial – wrong horse.