The incredible odds at EuroJackpot

The incredible odds at EuroJackpot

Or: Why you shouldn’t bet on a series of numbers if you want to have high winning odds.

For several weeks now, lottery players across Europe have been fighting to finally crack the EuroJackpot. And for several draws it has been really worthwhile for the players, because the jackpot has the highest possible sum of 90 million euros according to the rules of the game and is just waiting to be cracked. There is already since 2013 no more forced distribution of the jackpot. As long as this is not cracked, there is every Friday anew the chance on the large money rain.

And since the jackpot – as said – not over this 90 million. If the EuroJackpot can increase by more than €, all the money of the other players also affects the lower winning ranks. It has never been so easy to become a multiple millionaire. You only have to play at EuroJackpot.

In the last draw on Friday, the 15.06.In 2023, in addition to the 90 million euros in the highest prize category, an unbelievable 23 million euros in prize category 2 also awaited a winner. This means that even with only 5 correct numbers and 1 correct Euro number (instead of 2 correct Euro numbers for winning class 1), one could have collected these 23 million Euros. You won’t find that so quickly in any other lottery.

The incredible odds

These winning prospects caused a real lotto fever all over Europe, because EuroJackpot is played in 18 European countries, as you know. Everyone wanted to win either the 90 million. € or “at least” the 23 Mio. € in the second prize. But what happened next caused great astonishment.

When the winning numbers were determined on Friday evening, lotto connoisseurs could already imagine what would happen. The following numbers were drawn: 1, 5, 7, 9, 21 and the Euro numbers 3, 10.

Every halfway talented elementary school student recognizes in it the almost complete series of odd numbers from 1 to 9. Only the 3 is missing and the 21 dances for it from the row, whereby this is also again an odd number. One could therefore assume that there would be a lot of winners. And so it happened.

The EuroJackpot was not cracked. Next Friday there is again the chance to win the 90 million Euro in the highest prize tier.

the most popular numbers tipped by lottery players. But that also means lousy odds of winning.

Who avoids such numbers consciously and taps thus cleverly, which can assume in the case of the cases that it does not have to divide its profit with 27 other Lotto players. And that’s what everyone wants.