How to play bingo

How to play bingo

How to play the worldwide known and popular game Bingo?

Bingo is a very popular lottery game, which is mainly played in England, the USA and the Philippines. Thereby it resembles the parlor game Lotto.
Bingo is first and foremost a game of chance, there is no particular strategy that could lead to more chances of winning at bingo. Everyone has practically the same chance to win.


This is how the bingo game works:
One buys tickets or even coupons, which have numbers printed on them in tabular form. The game leader now randomly draws balls with numbers on them from a drum every 10-15 seconds. The game leader calls out the drawn numbers and the game participants compare these with the numbers on their tickets. When a participant finds one of these numbers on his ticket, he marks it with a stamp or pencil.
Since the draw is very fast, special attention and concentration is required from all participants.

Could one of the participants in the course of the draw 5 correct numbers horizontally, diagonally or vertically on his ticket mark, then he calls loud and clear “Bingo”. After checking his ticket, he gets the cash or non-cash prize offered before the game starts.

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The game participants must have a quick perception, because they should be able to find and mark the drawn numbers as quickly as possible on the game card. Many participants also play two or more bingo tickets at the same time to increase their chance of winning. These players must be very fast, because you win only if you are the first to call “Bingo”.

This slight tension and the hope for the right numbers make for many the attraction of Bingo. The social gathering, usually bingo is played in a large group, also contributes to its popularity.

Other variations

There are of course other variants of the game, such as. B. the blackout variant. In this type of bingo game, all the numbers on a ticket must be marked to win.

Newspapers and magazines often use the bingo game to increase their sales figures. The playing cards used for this usually include several rounds of play. A notary draws the winning numbers, which are printed in the newspaper, until a winner comes forward with the winning ticket. After that a new round often starts.